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Florida Trump supporters hold ‘Patriot Ride 2020’ convoy rally



PALM BEACH, Florida — Hundreds of supporters of US President Donald Trump held a long convoy rally in Palm Beach County on Saturday. Vehicles, motorbikes and trucks decorated with flags and banners drove across Interstate 95 in a show of support for the US president.

Steve, who was seen with a banner reading “honk if you like cops,” explained his position. “I am trying to send a message that we have to respect our law enforcement, okay, cause they protect us”, he said adding “they’re not all bad. You always get one or two bad apples in anything.” Another Trump supporter, Dave, stressed the importance of the upcoming presidential election. “I’m 62 years old and the future of our country is at stake.” He went on to say “I just want to see law brought back into our country, I want to see civility and this is the United States of America, we all have to learn to live together, but it has to be done in a lawful way, but respect our nation and respect our constitution.” The demonstrators also showed their support for the first responders and veterans and collected donations for hospitality workers.

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