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Caravan of Honduran migrants heads towards US



(VNN) — The first caravan made up of dozens of migrants in the era of coronavirus is heading from Honduras towards the US, just one month before the US elections. The caravan was filmed close to Entre Rios in Guatemala on Friday whilst heading towards the Mexican border. The caravan was made up of many Honduran men, women and children who can be seen walking carrying their belongings, many of the migrants can be seen wearing face masks.

They unanimously stated they were fleeing poverty and the lack of employment possibilities in their home country. “The reason for the trip is because where we live there is no work, there is nothing, it is very dangerous to be there, we have taken this course for the American dream,” stated Honduran migrant Kevin Regalado. The Guatemalan government has taken action after approximately 3,000 migrants entered Guatemala from Honduras on October 1st amid widespread fear that the caravan may lead to a COVID outbreak. Guatemalan President Alejandro Giammattei stated that all those who have entered illegally can be detained and returned to the border with Honduras on Thursday.

This so-called state of prevention has been declared for 15 days through the six departments in which the caravan is expected to traverse. Footage shows the Guatemalan army rounding up members of the caravan as well as some migrants giving themselves up in order to return home safely without being arrested. “They [the police and the army] are just doing their job. They catch the ones that are relaxing, they are the ones they arrest. Because they saw us and didn’t say anything or shoot or nothing. All they did was say: “Move on, move on,” and thank God we can continue and arrive calmly,” explained Kevin Regalado.

Tuan St. Patrick is an American Journalist • National Correspondent & Law Enforcement Analysts for Ruptly.TV