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Indoor dining returns to NY restaurants after months of closure



MANHATTAN, New York — Restaurants and cafes in New York City reopened on Wednesday for reduced-capacity indoor dining, for the first time in more than six months amid the coronavirus pandemic.

Customers appeared to be enjoying food and drinks inside and outside the city’s central neighbourhood restaurants and pubs, including Soho. “We are super excited, we waited for this for a long time. Now we can have the 20 percent of the capacity inside of the restaurant,” said Alexa, an employee at Sola Pasta Bar in Soho. She warned that the 20 percent was actually “not enough.”

“We have been super strict with all the protocols, we’ve taken the temperature of workers, using the mask and everything, so we will take care of the people because that is super important for us,” she continued. At the beginning of September, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced that thanks to the “compliance” by people in New York City, indoor dining would be able to resume at 25 percent capacity starting from September 30 and with temperature checks, masks, contact information and other restrictions.

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