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Latin and African Americans’ communities urge each-other to vote



WASHINGTON — Dozens of locals of Latin American and African descent gathered for a rally near the White House in Washington D.C. on Thursday, calling on members of their communities to take part in presidential elections.

“There are 32 million Latinos that can vote in this country. In the last election in 2016, we had 13.2 million Latinos who voted. Not even half came and voted. That responsibility is on us as community leaders, as Union activists to educate our community, to let them know how crucial it is for them to come out and vote,” said Jaime Contreras, the Vice-President for Service Employees International Union.” The country is at a crossroads. It’s either we go back two hundred years, or we change course and go forward and progress,” said Labante Koutcheon, protester of Togolese descent. The people gathered also condemned the family separation policy at the Mexican border.

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