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New York City

Orthodox Jews denounce arrest of community leader amid COVID restrictions protests



BROOKLYN, New York — Residents of the Orthodox Jewish community in Brooklyn’s Borough Park rallied outside the house of journalist Jacob Kornbluh in New York City on Sunday, slamming the Jewish Insider’s correspondent for having reported on community leader Harold “Heshy” Tischler, who was arrested on Sunday for allegedly inciting riots over the new COVID restrictions in the area.

The angry protesters shouted ‘Nazi’ and ‘Snitch’ at the reporter addressed the police officers temporarily guarding the residence with slogans ‘No Heshy – no peace’, drawing the analogy with Black Lives Matter protests. Member of the community Gabi Shapiro sustained that there might be a certain ‘double standard’ in defining protests as ‘violent’ or ‘riot’. “For black lives matter protest to turn to be violent there have to actually be lots of gunshots, for Jewish protest to be violent there have to be people on the street. I think it is ridiculous double standards. We are going to protest because Jewish lives matter too,” he stated. Shapiro also denied the Kornbluh’s statements to CNN about having been beaten up by the community members. “He’s a liar, he’s a rat, so we came to make sure if Heshy can’t sleep then Jacob’s not sleeping either,” exclaimed Shapiro.

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