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Dallas residents vote in presidential election at drive through polling station amid pandemic



DALLAS, Texas — State authorities have set up drive-through voting stations across Dallas offering the more convenient and safer options to vote early or on election day as the number of COVID-19 cases spikes across the state. Footage filmed on Wednesday shows locals arriving in their cars at a drive-through voting location in Dallas, voting with the help of voting machines as well as masked poll workers assisting people during the whole process.

“For people that are worried about the coronavirus it definitely helps – peace of mind if you’re in your car versus being around a bunch of people so I think that’s great,” said Derek Torres, a drive-through voter. According to reports, a large voter turnout is expected in Texas as voter registration has soared from previous levels with this year’s election looming. State Democrats attempted to expand mail-in ballots, but Republican Governor Greg Abbott limited the number of mail-in drop-off locations to one per county, expanding early voting instead.

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