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Trump says Biden ‘has no idea what he’s saying’ at Pennsylvania rally



JOHNSTOWN, Pennsylvania — US President Donald Trump poked fun at Former Vice President and Democratic opponent Joe Biden while at a campaign rally in Johnstown, Pennsylvania on Tuesday. Trump began by explaining that in a recent poll “56 percent of Americans say they are better of today than they were under sleepy Joe and Obama.

It’s the highest of any president at this point in his term.” “Biden told those 56 per cent of Americans that they probably shouldn’t vote for him, and for once I agree with Joe, did you hear, he said ‘yeah, you shouldn’t vote for me’ – he has no idea what he’s saying. How the hell do you lose to a guy like this is this possible?” Trump added.

Trump supporters could be seen surrounding the President on all sides of the stage while chanting “4 more years” while he spoke at the John Murtha Johnstown-Cambria County Airport. Trump went on to ask if any of his supporters there had also contracted COVID-19 as he did, telling them “well you’re the people I want to say hello to because you are right now immune. You are right now immune or they say that. You know they hate to admit it because I had it, so in the old days, they said well if you have it, you’re immune for life right? Once I got it, they give you four months.”

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