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New York City

Dozens of pro-Azerbaijanis demonstrate at UN Headquarters in NYC



MANHATTAN, New York — Dozens of members of the Azerbaijani diaspora in the United States gathered in front of New York City’s United Nation Headquarters on Sunday, to condemn the attacks on Azerbaijan’s second-biggest city, Ganja. Both Armenia and Azerbaijan have been blaming each other for recent shelling. Protesters could be seen with a gigantic Azerbaijani flag and signs in support of Azerbaijan, including ones reading, “Stop Armenian occupation,” and “Don’t you see this? You support child killers.” “We are here to make our voices heard to let the whole world know that we are being the victims and we are being killed,” an Azerbaijani attorney told the crowd. The rally came after both sides accused each other of violating the second ceasefire, which came into effect on October 27 at 20:00 GMT.

Tuan St. Patrick is an American Journalist • National Correspondent & Law Enforcement Analysts for Ruptly.TV