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COVID 19 vaccine ‘coming out very soon’ Trump at Carson City rally



CARSON CITY, Nevada — US President Donald Trump promised a coronavirus vaccine will be coming out “very soon,” ahead of the presidential election, on Sunday in Carson City, Nevada. Trump said that after he became ill from the coronavirus, he was “not feeling good,” despite having insisted he felt better than he had done in the last 20 years after he came out of the hospital. “Then they gave me this, Regeneron, which is an antibody,” he continued. Trump was reportedly given several different treatments during his hospital stint, so it is not possible to verify if his recovery was directly and only down to Regeneron.

Pharmaceutical companies have been known to compensate handsomely for celebrity endorsements. “But it was brand new, hadn’t been tested, hadn’t been approved or anything. By the way, we are approving it for everybody that needs it, free of charge, because it wasn’t your fault,” he added. Trump also highlighted the kind of privileges being a president imbues when describing the treatment he received. “The great thing is when you’re a president you have so many doctors. I was telling, I was saying to a group this morning, I said, I had so many, I had 12 doctors around the bed. And everyone was grabbing a different part of my body.” The US president also warned that anarchists would be targeting suburbs next, too “run and ransack.” “The suburbs are next and just so you know, just so you know, so important, these are Democrat-run states and cities, Republicans are doing great. And we are not going to let this happen. And we will stop it, we want a resounding victory, we are going to stop it, but the suburbs are next,” he said.

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