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If you have followed us from the very beginning, you know that, VNN has gone from a blog to a full-fledged news site. In this time, our reporters have been at countless fires, crime scenes, protests, and press conferences throughout the city and across America.

Some of the more prominent stories we have covered include an attempted mailroom bombing at CNNs Time Warner Building, the Paradise, California Wildfires and a historically deadly fire in the Bronx that killed twelve people.

Although we are proud to have played a role in informing the public about these events that drew international attention, we are even more so of our coverage of stories that were missed by major news outlets.

You see flames shooting out of the top floor of an apartment down the street from you? Look on as cops converge on the convenience store on your block? Where do you go to find out what happened?

Our goal is for VNN to be New Yorkers’ & Americas’ trusted answer.

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