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Ownership & Funding Information

Ownership & Funding Information

VNN Virtual News Network, LLC. (DOS ID), Company Number – NO. 5780042, is a registered Limited company covered by the laws of New York State.

Our full registered address is New York, NY, 10166. Our business contact number is (646) 248-5252.

The Ownership Structure of VNN Virtual  News Network is 100 shares of which are owned by privately.

The Editor- In- Chief of VNN Virtual News Network is T. ST. PATRICK.

VNN Virtual News Network is the owner of the Facebook Page @TuanStPatrick, The Twitter account @TuanStPatrick and YouTube Channel VNN.

VNN Virtual News Network is the sole owner of the lists of signed up subscribers of both Facebook chat subscribers and registered e-mail subscribers.

We utilise a number of advertising providers for display ads throughout our website and on YouTube in the coming future.

We are under no obligation to accept all donations/funding and if we felt at any time such a donation/funding would compromise our work or integrity we have a right to refuse it.

We comply fully with the company laws of New York State and as such full accounting procedures are in place. We also comply fully with Federal laws on data privacy and are open and transparent about any data we hold.

If you have any questions related to the above please e-mail us on